About Us

“Watches of Switzerland”, wholly owned by Fair Time International Ltd., is set-up in Year 2008 and is furnished as a stylish boutique for serving the luxe of shopping and lure celebrities. As one of the renowned watch retailers in Hong Kong, “Watches of Switzerland” carries high-end timepieces & accessories of famous brands from worldwide. Aim of our boutique is to provide first-class and quality service to our customers in a friendly and professional manner.


殿堂為信時國際集團旗下鐘錶旗艦店, 於2008年成立, 是香港知名鐘錶零售商之一, 代理全球多個著名國際級鐘錶品牌, 業務正在不斷擴張中。 本著以客為尊的宗旨, 所有殿堂員工均以誠待客, 提供專業親切的服務, 務求能夠給予每一位尊貴顧客寶貴及專業意見。


殿堂为信时国际集团旗下钟表旗舰店, 于2008年成立, 是香港知名钟表零售商之一, 代理全球多个著名国际级钟表品牌, 业务正在不断扩张中。 本着以客为尊的宗旨, 所有殿堂员工均以诚待客, 提供专业亲切的服务, 务求能够给予每一位尊贵顾客宝贵及专业意见。